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SAPIENSTONE Palladium Grey in Jumeirah Luxury Living

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

SapienStone Palladium Grey Kitchen Countertop
SapienStone Palladium Grey in Jumeirah Luxury Living

SapienStone Palladium Grey was selected to dress the kitchen of a stunning villa in Jumeirah Luxury Living - Jumeirah Golf Estate, Dubai. The sophisticated shade and natural texture of SapienStone Palladium Grey brings a wholesome warmth to this modern kitchen built by Clear Water Dubai.

SapienStone Palladium Grey Backsplash & Countertop
SapienStone Palladium Grey

SapienStone Palladium Grey seamlessly blends with the kitchen interiors; from the cabinetry, choice in appliances and accessories, and the artificial lights that were used. The wide kitchen window that brings in bright, natural light accentuates perfectly the neutral tone and distinct design of SapienStone Palladium Grey, giving the kitchen island, countertop, and backsplash a more cozy, inviting ambiance.

The beauty of SapienStone Palladium Grey transcends various interior theme: semi-classical, edgy industrial theme, or ultra modern design.

Palladium Grey, like all SapienStone 12mm slabs, is a versatile material. It can be used to dress various applications such as kitchentops, vanity tops, wall, floor, stairs, even outdoor furniture, grill counter, and façade.

SapienStone Palladium Grey, together with other SapienStone slabs, is proudly displayed in SLAB LAB® by Moda Line; the first and only showroom dedicated to large format slabs in high thickness. Visit SLAB LAB® today and find out more about SapienStone Palladium Grey.


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