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COMPAC Unique Calacatta™ & Unique Pietra™ Kitchen Countertop at Sicilia Kitchens

A fundamental element in any design, contrast adds visual interest to any space. It creates a striking distinction between differing articles, but ultimately brings the harmony you want in your home. A contrast in design is not limited only to the use of colors. This also includes prints and patterns, size, shape, and texture. The use of COMPAC’s Unique Calacatta™ and Unique Pietra™ in a kitchen unit display in Sicilia Kitchens, underlines this important principle so well.

The contrasting elements, when put together, bring in an undeniable union in the kitchen. The luminescent beauty of Unique Calacatta™, from the white surface, and subtle grey veins, to the smooth polished finish, complements effortlessly with Unique Pietra™’s warm color and natural texture. The apparent variation in the design of the countertop also adds to the visual appeal. Together with the superb choice of cabinetry and accessories, all these blends perfectly to create a spectacular kitchen.

COMPAC has a wide range of quartz slabs that possess undeniable beauty matched only by its superior technical performance. Each Compac Quartz Slab comes with a Lifetime Warranty and is certified Food-Safe by NSF.

Visit SLAB LAB® by Moda Line and see our large collection of Compac Quartz 20mm Slabs.


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