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Sapienstone Alpi Chiaro Venato Grill Counter in Arabian Ranches II

Alpi Chiaro Venato Grill Counter in Arabian Ranches II

An elegant shade of green background, with light and dark areas, accentuated by white veins over its natural finish. Alpi Chiaro Venato is a distinct, versatile color that blends well with light or dark furnishings and nicely complements any kitchen theme.

Alpi Chiaro Venato, like all SapienStone Slabs, has a high resistance to heat making it an ideal material for outdoor applications like this exquisite grill counter in a private villa in Arabian Ranches II. With its striking color, tasteful design, and excellent workmanship, this piece has become an eye-catching addition to the household.

SapienStone Alpi Chiaro Venato 12 mm thick slab requires no special maintenance or attention. Aside from being heat resistant, it also has high resistance to chemicals and scratches making it a superior choice for a highly functional kitchen counter. With SapienStone’s advanced technical performance, every slab can be used for interior and exterior floor and wall applications.

Find out more about SapienStone Alpi Chiaro Venato, visit SLAB LAB® today!

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