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Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Elegant Table with Palladium Grey on its top

A supremely elegant yet subtle material with a retro touch on the surface, resulting in a warm, welcoming ambiance. Palladium Grey is a balance between strength and subtlety, elegance and energy. Its concrete, light grey natural background adorned with an elaborate design of gold and white patterns gives it a vintage, timeless yet industrial appeal.

Palladium Grey is a versatile material. As a kitchen countertop, it works well with any kitchen theme, whether a timeless, classic design or an edgy, industrial kitchen theme. Its warm, inviting color blends with a variety of textures and colors for accessories and furnishings. And like all SapienStone slabs, Palladium Grey can be used for any surfaces in general: Bath & Vanity Countertops, Furniture, Stairs & Steps, and Floor and Wall Cladding. With its impressive technical properties, it can be used for outdoor applications such as facades and outdoor kitchens and grills.

See and feel the full slab of Palladium Grey, visit SLAB LAB®.


SapienStone products have high resistance to high and sudden change in temperatures. Our slabs do not suffer thermal damage. This makes SapienStone slabs applicable for outdoor applications as well.

Our slabs are non-absorbent, hygienic products resistant to chemicals, including acids and cleaning agents. All SapienStone slabs are certified food-safe by NSF which allows them to be in direct contact with food.

Our slabs have higher resistance to scratches compared to other materials. SapienStone's tough surfaces withstand scratches from knives allowing you to even cut directly on top of it.

For more information, contact Moda Line.


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