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ICE MAX BLACK | Bold. Exceptional. Exquisite.

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

From the Ice of Genesis Collection, Ice Max Black features large, elaborate veins that resemble the patterns created on top of frozen lakes and rivers. It gives you the impression of walking on ice, embodying the perfect balance between fragility and stability. Ice of Genesis is a product of innovation and creativity mixing nature, emotion, and science, bringing to life a design that is unlike any other.

Ice Max Black is characterized by its intricate veins combining deep, intense strokes with light, gradient highlights over a black surface, giving it depth in every inch. Ice Max Black exudes a bold sense of individuality and sophistication that attracts everyone's attention.

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Ice Max Black is exceptionally beautiful as a Kitchen Countertop. However, as the photo above suggests, it is equally stunning when used as a furniture top, vanity counter, display counter, wall cladding, and more. Ice Max Black will look equally stunning in all indoor applications.

Compac provides Lifetime Warranty to all registered owners of installed Compac Quartz Worktops. Find out more about Compac's Lifetime Quartz Warranty here.

Ice Max Black, like all other Compac Quartz slabs, is certified Food-Safe by NSF. Which means it is safe to be in direct contact with food. Compac Quartz Slabs have been tested with a maximum heat of 392°F or 200°C.

Learn more about this product, contact Moda Line for more information.


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