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COMPAC Ice Black Island Counter at Schroder Kuchen UAE Showroom

COMPAC Ice Black exceeds that of typical Quartz slabs. Its bold design exudes unmatched beauty that demands attention. This stunning material transforms ordinary space into an incredible ambiance.

The narrative of Ice Black is a quest in finding the perfect balance between fragility and stability, and creativity and technology. The intricate veins that spread across its surface run deep into the slab; the contrasting colors and gradient shade create a seamless depth, giving it a unique character and design.

Beyond kitchen countertops, COMPAC Ice Black is also an ideal material for an elegant staircase, a grand lobby of a hotel, or a feature wall in a restaurant. Ice Black will surely captivate your senses.

COMPAC Ice Black, together with the rest of the Ice of Genesis Collection, is featured at SLAB LAB®. There is nothing like viewing it in its full size: feeling its texture, seeing its depth.


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