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Compac Unique Calacatta Table Tops at Mitts & Trays

Unique Calacatta Table Tops at Mitts & Trays, Dubai Hills Mall
Compac Unique Calacatta at Mitts & Trays

Compac Unique Calacatta brings its bright, classic beauty to this enchantingly chic café, Mitts & Trays, at Dubai Hills Mall.

Compac Unique Calacatta's captivating design of pure white surface and subtle grey veins decorates over 30 tabletops at Mitts & Trays. From the big round table, to the small squares and rectangular ones, these stunning tables perfectly complements this gourmet café's elegant interiors.

Aside from its unparalleled beauty that can match any theme, COMPAC Quartz' superb technical properties make it the ideal choice for café tables. Compac Quartz has high resistance to stains, letting you enjoy your drinks without worrying about leaving coffee rings or any other stains.

More importantly, Compac Quartz slabs are certified Food-Safe by NSF. Which means it is hygienic and safe to be in direct contact with food.

Find out more about COMPAC Unique Calacatta, visit SLAB LAB® by Moda Line, today!

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